I’m not a guru or anything, but I find myself referring clients, friends, and family to these resources every single day… So I decided to make a big list on my website.


My Favourite Books.

Books. Cheaper than therapy. Most can be found at your local library. I’ve yet to figure out how to read by osmosis. So remember, they do nothing sitting on your nightstand or in your backpack. Schedule the time and make a date with one of these awesome books.

The Gifts of Imperfection & Rising Strong by Brene Brown (and everything else she has wrote and said.)

First We Make the Beast Beautiful by Sarah Wilson

Meditation is Not What You Think by Jon Kabat Zinn

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

Brainstorm by Dan Siegel


Videos & Animations

Follow the links. Times are approximate.

Under 5 Minutes:

Brene Brown on Empathy:

Brene Brown on Blame:

Mindfulness As a Super Power:

Deepak Chopra 3-min Go-To Meditation:

Sharon Salzburg 2 Wolves Story:

3 Misconceptions about Meditation:

About 10-20 minutes

Attention, Balance, Compassion- New ABCs:

Dr. Dan Siegel Hand Model of the Brain:

Yoga With Adrienne- Neck & Shoulders Release:

Curvy Yoga- Morning Practice:

10 Mindful Minutes:


Power of Vulnerability:

Listening to Shame: