Something New Online Group

The best intentions…

Every year I meet people who have deep commitments to living life with more purpose, health, and gratitude. Especially folks with chronic illness who want to figure out how to live with more vitality.

And every year I hear stories about committed, smart, and determined people loosing faith in their ability to create change due to the complexities of life. This group builds on the ideas presented in the FREE Motivation 101 Webinar to encourage people to “hack” their complicated life and make changes that stick. The information and support provided are based on neuroscience, behaviour, and motivation research. (This goes beyond “SMART” goals to the heart of motivation and habit building to create change that sticks.)

An information, motivation, and support group ONLINE for people making changes that promote vitality. This is a specialized SMALL group experience. It is a 6-week group taking place over 7 weeks. The experience is designed to include 4-5 months of ongoing, directed support. The first 4 weeks of group will include more education about the science & strategy of making changes and will empower you to create your own plan. The last weeks will include more discussion and collaboration to help you successfully implement the Something New in your life.

Costs: $300/person includes three 30-minute individualized “strategy” sessions (in person or online) 1 before group, 1 mid-group, and 1 post-group. ($100 due at first individual strategy session, $100 at mid-group individual session, and final $100 charged on the last day of group.)

Also includes: Strategy Cards, daily Motivation Minutes during the group, and curated (digital and printable) resources for education and support.

Apply to Participate: Folks interested in this Small Group experience must complete Intake Assessment by December 1, 2018 either online or in person (Cost of $150 for 90 minute session). Following this assessment, an application for a group spot will be provided if one is available AND it is a good treatment match for the individual. Once the application is completed, based on the assessment information and application responses, and if a spot is still available, it will be offered.

Spots are limited! The group is meant to be a SMALL group to ensure cohesiveness and individualized support.

Steps to Joining this group:

1- Book Assessment Here

2- Following Initial Assessment- complete Group Application Questions (10 questions about the specific change you want to make.)

3- Schedule Strategy Session 1 (Complete by December 15th to take part in “The Boring Stuff” Online Workshop for free— not required for participation in Something New Group)

Strategy Session 1 to be completed in December 2018 or January 2019. First payment ($100) is due at this strategy session or on Monday January 14, 2019 (the first group) whichever occurs first for you.

Steps for Completing Group Successfully

1- Online Group begins Monday January 14, 2019. Weekly for 7 weeks. *Don’t forget to complete Strategy Session 1 by end of January 2019.

2- Attend online group each week & complete the activities offered that you feel will promote the change you want

3- Complete Mid-group Strategy Session between January 27-February 16 2019. Second payment ($100) is due at this strategy session whenever it occurs for you.

4- Final Group Monday February 25, 2019. Final payment is due at conclusion of this group ($100)

5- Post-Group Strategy Session between March 18, 2019-April 30, 2019 (no additional cost)

Dates: Monday Evenings 8:00-9:00pm January 14-Feb 25 2019 (7 Mondays- Family Day on February 18th will be an optional support & catch up session).

*For residents of Ontario Canada.