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Stacey Ivits MSW RSW- Counselling Services

Groups & Workshops


The Boring Stuff: Science, Strategy & Support for making changes that stick. From smoking cessation to meditation to waking up early. Learn how to select the change that would be most helpful to you, make a plan, stay motivated, and implement it. Designed to help people with complicated lives make the changes that they choose and have this become their new normal. Based on neuroscience, behaviour, and motivation research.

An App For That: How to use technology effectively to spend less effort on daily demands and have more energy for the stuff that matters to you! Some apps may be used as examples, but the focus is on how to pick areas in life to simplify by delegating it to technology that exists and systematizing routine tasks. Created to support individuals living with chronic illness to improve self-management skills and self-care. Open to everyone.